PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice we will only be doing private transports.

A Little About Us

Rescue Riders Transport LLC is a New England based, USDA Certified, dog transport created by Bo and Melissa Hannon. We have been involved in rescue for many years and decided a couple of years ago to start our own dog rescue here in New Hampshire. In doing so we have expanded our rescue and love of dogs to include the safe and reliable transport of rescue dogs in need. There are several pickup destinations and drop off locations so the adopter/rescue can chose which location is the most convenient.

Rescue Riders LLC recognizes the importance of having safe and reliable alternatives to transport your dogs from one location to the other. It is our goal to provide this service with the utmost care and dedication to the animals.


How We Transport The Dogs

Rescue Riders LLC uses a customized box truck to transport the dogs. The box is not separate from the cab (where the drivers are) but is connected so there is always complete access to the dogs at all times. The vehicle is also fitted with an additional heating and cooling system, exhaust fans, corrugated flooring for added airflow along with other added amenities. Any adopter/rescue organization is more than welcome to inquire about the vehicle and/or ask any questions concerning the vehicle and transport. We know how important it is to have a safe environment for your dog’s transport, not only for the dog but for the state of mind of the adopter/rescuer as well.

All dogs ride in their own USDA approved travel crates and have access to water at all times. If needed (depending on the dogs travel time),your dog will be fed during transport. In addition, stops are made every few hours for walks and exercise throughout the transport. Different dogs have different needs and we take great care in making sure these needs are met. Dogs are frequently monitored for we know how stressful change can be for some dogs. With 10 plus years of veterinary technician experience under our belts, you can bet we are always looking for any signs of discomfort and stress.